Casa Chiesi from Milan’s Duomo Cathedral : 1st Italian Live streaming Periscope Marathon

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As mentioned in our previous blog post, last Sunday we were transmitting live on Periscope from Milan’s beautiful Duomo Cathedral as part of the 1st Italian Live Streaming Marathon (check out #LivestreamIta)

As typically happens we were dealing with a big crowd flow on a Sunday so after our initial flawless introduction we ran into a minor audio problem which was quickly fixed with a back-up mic that we had at hand.

We are quite happy to have been part of such a great event which included 20 Italian Live streamers. The engagement with visitors worldwide was great and the participants where from as vast locations as Rome, Milan, Bard, San Diego, Perugia and Sydney!
More info at this website link (in italian).

For those that might have missed it here is the video replay.

1st Italian Periscope Marathon : Join Casa Chiesi in this event

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1st Italian Periscoper Marathon

We are super happy to be part of the first Italian Periscope Marathon this Sunday, April 10th, 2016. A total of 20 Italian Periscopers from both Italy and the world will be showing the beauty that is Italy through a series of 15-minute segments which will start at 11.15am Eastern Standard Time and end at around 4.30pm Eastern Standard Time.

We will be on Periscope live at around 1.15pm live from the Duomo in Milan. You can also see it live in our @casachiesi Twitter account without using Periscope.

Also follow the Event related hashtag #LivestreamIta

More info here (in italian)
1st Italian Periscope Marathon

The magic that is Italian Hand Gestures : A primer

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After living past the 20th year mark in Italy it has become second nature to revert towards typical hand gestures to express certain expressions that are quicker and provide an immediate feedback towards trying to get a message across to my Italian friends.

Italian Hand Gestures

Recently I came across this video in the form of a question and answer session to folks from around the world which I really love and consider a great intro to the magic of Italian hand gestures. Enjoy!


Umberto Eco : the funeral of a literary giant in Milan

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Today I attended the commemoration of the death occurred on February 19th of Umberto Eco, the worldwide known philosopher, semiotician, writer and university professor and I was surprised to note how much he was loved by the Milanese citizens who gathered inside the Sforza Castle courtyard to tribute its final farewell in such a number you would think unimaginable for an intellectual.

  • Umberto Eco Milan Funeral
  • Umberto Eco Milan Funeral
  • Umberto Eco Milan Funeral

Milanese citizens gathered inside the Sforza Castle courtyard to tribute their final farewell in such a number you would think unimaginable for an intellectual. His knowledge was enormous and his way to communicate it was very light: legions of students must miss this man today, born to teach, unrivaled for his wit, sensitivity, humor and boundless culture.

During its long academic career, he has received 41 “honoris causa” degree from different University around the world and he had other two more which were ready to be added to the list.



Saturday Morning at the Fish Market with Betti

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This morning was a beautiful day and when we stay in the city we usually go to the market which I love since the first day I made Italy my home. The unique experience of visiting the vendors, joking with them regarding the products they carry and then taking home some real food is priceless.
Another highlight is the fact that you can also get some great deals on delicate cashmere sweaters and fine crafted Italian footwear to mention just a few of the items available.
Here is a video peak of our visit this morning with Betti driving up a bargain with the vendors (or so we think!)

Betti and the Italian Market:

Lungomare Europa: the Ligurian High Line

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I’ve heard many times about this walk that leads from Voltri, on the outskirts of Genoa, to Varazze, passing through the towns of Arenzano and Cogoleto, that winds along the coast overlooking the sea, following the route of the old railway dismissed in the ’60.

I finally managed to go and try the long path (16 kilometers!!!) the other day, with my sister who lives in Camogli, on a gorgeous sunny morning.

Part of the walk is done under the original tunnels dug and built to pierce the mountain where the rock that plunges into the sea prevented the straight progress of the train. You can still see the traces of the mines used to break through into the hard rock. The rest is just open sea and open sky.

Check out the pictures and if you happened to be somewhere around Genova don’t miss this treasure re-qualified and given back to inhabitants and visitors.


  • Ligurian Lungamare
  • Ligurian Lungamare
  • Ligurian Lungamare
  • Ligurian Lungamare
  • Ligurian Lungamare
  • Ligurian Lungamare
  • Ligurian Lungamare
  • Ligurian Lungamare
  • Ligurian Lungamare
  • Ligurian Lungamare

Live Eels at the Fish stand of the Italian Market

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Yesterday we went for a stroll in one of our favorite Italian Street markets which are roughly 5 minutes away from our house in walking distance (Ah! The pleasures of not having to drive in this great city that is Milan!).

I had the pleasure of encountering this funny lady that later explained the tradition of eating Eel on the night before Christmas in certain regions of Italy. As you can see from the video below the Eels are live! Not my idea of a fun dish to cook in this Holiday season but it was quite fascinating, to say the least!

If you feel up to it and can locate some fresh Eels in your neck of the woods here is the recipe:

Capitone in bianco or Anguilla in bianco is a very traditional recipe that is very common in most parts of Italy for the day before Christmas when, in theory, you should not eat meat. Ingredients are for 4 people.

1 kg of eel (anguilla or capitone)
56 fresh bay leaves (yes, 56, it is a symbolic number etc)
Some rosemary (rosmarino)
23 juniper berries
2 cloves of garlic
1 small glass of dry white wine
1 lemon
1 tablespoon brandy
6 tablespoons of olive oil.

Wash, gut and skin the eel iI. Cut it into 3-inch pieces, flour them and fry in a frying pan in which you had heated 4 tablespoons of oil with garlic. As soon as the fish is coloring, put salt and pepper and pour the wine, lemon juice, brandy and a ladle of water. Then add the bay leaf, rosemary and juniper berries. Cover and cook over moderate heat for about 30 minutes, adding a little bit of water should the gravy dry up a bit. Add 2 tablespoons of oil prior to turning off the heat and serve.

Christmas Atmosphere around the Milan Duomo

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Last week a friend of ours from the Blab community invited us to join on a worldwide Periscope experience called Scope Day for Holidays(#SDxHolidays) which occurred in a 48 hour period between December 12th and December the 13th.

Betti was pretty caught uo for work over the week so I decided to take the bike and my live streaming setup and show the folks the pre-Christmas atmosphere that occurs in the center of Milan and to be more precise along the Duomo area. I took a stroll down the side of the church, then went on to cover the Rinascente store (Italy’s equivalent of Bloomingdales in New York) went into the Gallerie Vittorio Emanuele to visit the original Prada store were the whole empire started to then finish up at La Scala Opera house!


Join us for a glass of virtual Prosecco! (It’s Nazim’s Birthday)

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Okay, This is the second time we do something like this (first time was on Google+ and Nazim spilled a glass of wine over the keyboard!)

Video has been removed because Blab closed.

Buying Cod Fish at our friends stand in the Italian Market

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Yesterday we decided to visit our friends that import the best Cod Fish from Norway in Milan (At least we think so!). Hope you enjoy our visit and we will be preparing a feature on how to cook Cod Fish the Casa Chiesi way!