Givenchy Party Milan Fashion Week 2015

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At the fourth day of the Milano fashion week I worked on the most awaited event of the season: the Givenchy party to celebrate Riccardo Tisci and his ten years at the Maison along with the opening of the first Givenchy boutique in Via Sant’Andrea 9 in Milan. When I got the call sheet (the email were my agency gives me the working appointment for the day after) I was very surprised to know that the party was going to take place in one of my favorite abandoned buildings in town: the Cristalleria dei fratelli Livellara. I’ve dreamed about this building and it’s possible restoration for years! It’s a former crystal factory from 1935 that looks like the physical interpretation of a Antonio Sant’Elia ( the Italian futuristic architect that drew the future but died too young to built it) dream. At the beginning of summer, the heir of this crumbling property decided to open it to the public as a bar and event area with the evocative name Spirit de Milan. The Fashion world has long whiskers and immediately put its paws on it. Is was a perfect setting for the visionary party that had everything you can imagine between a circus, a gay pride, a sadomaso rave and a pop concert (even Nicky Minaj was on stage). Nothing was left behind!!
But I must say…. it was worth the effort!

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  • Givency Milan 2015
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  • Givency Milan 2015
  • Givency Milan 2015

Metropolitan Market in Milan : Food Fair at it’s best

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Last Sunday we went to visit the new Metropolitan Market in Milan which is running in conjunction with the Milan Expo 2015. Lot’s of great food truck options along with an internal food market (a bit overpriced but space is really nice). We will be running an upcoming article soon with more details of this new reality in Milan.

Street Market Milan

The Holidays in Tuscany are over!

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As most of the folks living in Italy know, August is the month for that much deserved Holiday!
Ours is coming to the end so in the meantime….

A jump back in time : Trattoria Filetto in Stia – Tuscany

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Yesterday we arrived at our friends house in the Casentino area of Tuscany. So how do we start our week in Tuscany? By going back in time and having lunch at Trattoria Filetto in the town of Stia which is a family run restaurant that is stuck in the 1950’s! As I sat down memories of my first trip to Italy invaded my brain! The table cloth, the bottle of red wine on the table, the Bakelite telephone on the wall! I knew that when we would arrive here we would find so many traditional not modernized locations like this one! And the food? Authentic, simple and cheap ($15 per person which included 2 dishes and a bottle of good Chianti!) Great way to start our week here!

  • Trattoria Filetto
  • Trattoria Filetto
  • Trattoria Filetto
  • Trattoria Filetto
  • Trattoria Filetto

Holidays are for making Italian Tomato Sauce!

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Yes! They are at it again! Every year the Chiesi sisters decide to embark on the task of making fresh Tomato sauce that is used all year around and I have to admit is of superior quality than the supermarket brands.

Tomatoe Sauce

The only issue: It is a huge endeavor which requires purchasing 200 kilos of tomatoes, gas burners with propane tanks (not a fun ordeal in my opinion). The funny part is that each year Betti says that it will be the last time we go through this….and just like clockwork when the Holiday comes up they do it again!

A view from the market in Pianello, Val Tidone

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So finally we are on our third day of Holidays (the first two days involved sleeping…sleeping…and more sleeping). This morning we decided to go down to Pianello since we will have guest over for dinner tonight so we had to catch up on provisions. This week we also expect to make 200 kilos of tomato sauce this weekend (yes, Betti is nuts!). Next week on the 15th we leave for Tuscany (somewhere close to Poppi) where we stay with friends and do some more Ingredients for Casa Chiesi.

Casa Chiesi on Going Mobile to Live-Stream Your World

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Last night I had the pleasure of being a guest on one of my favourite Hangout Events on Air called “Lights, Camera, HOA” A place for newbies to practice. I was interviewed by Meloney Hall, Rayne Dowell and Sheila Strover who really made me feel at home! We covered the essences of running mobile Hangouts on Air and the new live stream tools Meerkat and Periscope.

Watch the Youtube video of the Hangout here:

Popcorn Garage Vintage Market at Magnolia

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This weekend we decided to visit the Vintage market called Popcorn Garage (do not ask me about the name cause it makes no sense at all!) upon the advice of our daughter Zoe who is fed up with staying at home after her hospital release at the beginning of the week. Set in the beautiful context of the Idroscalo at Linate (roughly 30 minutes away from Milan right by the Linate Airport runway) this is a typical Sunday market full of hipsters selling nice Vintage articles. I tend to come to Magnolia cause it also serves as a concert venue for major groups on tour during the summer here in Milan.

  • Popcorn Garage Vintage Market at Magnolia


Casa Chiesi loves Periscope!

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Yesterday I received a phone call from my better half (Elisabetta) who was down in the Saturnia Terme resort doing make-up for a shoot of a Woolrich commercial. Since she had two hours to kill she decided to give this Periscope thing a try (For those of you that do not know Periscope is a mobile/tablet App that lets you live to stream connected to your Twitter account). I have been doing Periscope and Meerkat for the last two months (we started by doing a Meerkat with our friend Mia Voss when she was here in Italy) showing interesting backdrops from Italy along the lines of what we offer here on the Casa Chiesi website.



Obviously, those of you who know Betti remember her as a witty and funny presence via our YouTube channel so I thought it would be an automatic to have her jump on the platform. But I sensed some resistance over the phone (“I want to do this with you…What if nobody tunes in…etc, etc). Well after a bit of coaching she did her first Periscope and load and behold she was hooked! I quote from the scope:

Wow! Hi, New Zealand! Thanks for watching!
Thank you for the hearts!
Yes, we will get some wine very soon and relax.
and so on…

Obviously with the excitement of the scope she totally forgot to save for replay purposes (In fact she is bummed out about not watching the replay…but hey now she is convinced and is brainstorming some ideas for Casa Chiesi!).

Check us out at @casachiesi on both Periscope and Meerkat

If you want to see what the whole fuss is about on your regular computer check out this link

Mint Crema Liquor : A nice surprise

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So I get back to work after a nice 4 day Italian Holiday break (It was the Festa della Repubblica on June 2nd) to find this nice surprise on the kitchen table. Mint Cream Liquor! Based on Betti’s famous (our friends are going nuts over this stuff and some prefer it to Baileys!) Lemon Crema (if you missed that recipe check out the YouTube video here In this new version you just substitute the Lemon peels with fresh garden picked Mint.

  • Mint Crema Liquor