Casa Chiesi loves Periscope!

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Yesterday I received a phone call from my better half (Elisabetta) who was down in the Saturnia Terme resort doing make-up for a shoot of a Woolrich commercial. Since she had two hours to kill she decided to give this Periscope thing a try (For those of you that do not know Periscope is a mobile/tablet App that lets you live to stream connected to your Twitter account). I have been doing Periscope and Meerkat for the last two months (we started by doing a Meerkat with our friend Mia Voss when she was here in Italy) showing interesting backdrops from Italy along the lines of what we offer here on the Casa Chiesi website.



Obviously, those of you who know Betti remember her as a witty and funny presence via our YouTube channel so I thought it would be an automatic to have her jump on the platform. But I sensed some resistance over the phone (“I want to do this with you…What if nobody tunes in…etc, etc). Well after a bit of coaching she did her first Periscope and load and behold she was hooked! I quote from the scope:

Wow! Hi, New Zealand! Thanks for watching!
Thank you for the hearts!
Yes, we will get some wine very soon and relax.
and so on…

Obviously with the excitement of the scope she totally forgot to save for replay purposes (In fact she is bummed out about not watching the replay…but hey now she is convinced and is brainstorming some ideas for Casa Chiesi!).

Check us out at @casachiesi on both Periscope and Meerkat

If you want to see what the whole fuss is about on your regular computer check out this link

Mint Crema Liquor : A nice surprise

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So I get back to work after a nice 4 day Italian Holiday break (It was the Festa della Repubblica on June 2nd) to find this nice surprise on the kitchen table. Mint Cream Liquor! Based on Betti’s famous (our friends are going nuts over this stuff and some prefer it to Baileys!) Lemon Crema (if you missed that recipe check out the YouTube video here In this new version you just substitute the Lemon peels with fresh garden picked Mint.

  • Mint Crema Liquor

Bride Fashion Show : Behind the scenes

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Last Saturday it was great to work on a Bridal Show with a twist: instead of the typical Bride styling we went for a semi-elf in the forrest….but a very elegant one.

  • Onion Jam
  • Onion Jam
  • Onion Jam
  • Onion Jam

Portraits of Milan at Malpensa Airport Opening

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If you happen to pass by Malpensa Airport on your vast travels you might just happen to stumble upon an exhibition of our dear friend Andrea Rovatti regarding food, buildings and friends. Obviously, when he asked me to pose for one of the portraits at the show I could not imagine what the final photos would look like. When a friend asks you to bring your favorite gold jacket (the one you used for your wedding on Miami Beach 23 years ago!) and then to pretend that two mandarin fruits could be earphones…well I was quite confused!

  • Portraits of Milan
  • Portraits of Milan
  • Portraits of Milan
  • Portraits of Milan
  • Portraits of Milan
  • Portraits of Milan
  • Portraits of Milan

Today was the opening of this show and I have to say that I am delighted to have been a part of it. By the way, that gold jacket that I am wearing is starting to be a kind of icon in town. Friends have asked me to lend it to them, wear it when I go on stage at the Don’t Tell My Mom storytelling event or just to bring it along when we have an aperitivo. Maybe I should seriously consider renting it out!

If you happen to pass by Malpensa Airport here is more info on the show:
Portraits of Milan Malpensa Exhibition info

Camogli’s Fish Festival 2015 – The Shark and the Ark!

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Every year on the first Sunday of May the town of Camogli celebrates a huge sagra (festival) that revolves around the frying of enormous amount of fish in a huge skillet (and we mean gigantic!) along with the traditional burning of a huge “falò” which is a themed structure built out of wood. Usually, they tend to be two structures which involve the preparation and participation of the local population (grown-ups and kids) in the building of these wood structures that are in the evening set on fire.

Sagra Camogli

This year the subject matter was a shark and Noah’s Ark. As you can imagine the town is packed over the weekend when this event occurs so we avoid going to it like the plague!. But thanks to the collaboration of Betti’s sister we can offer these shots from the 2015 edition. Enjoy!

  • Camogli Sagra
  • Camogli Sagra
  • Camogli Sagra
  • Camogli Sagra
  • Camogli Sagra

Photo credits: Simona Chiesi

Giorgio Armani celebrates 40 years

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As most of you know Elisabetta is a make-up artist since back when we meet in the early 90s. Last night there was a huge Event organized by Giorgio Armani to celebrate his 40 year’s in the business. Celebrities such as the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Tina Turner, Glenn Close, Lauren Hutton, Hillary Swank and many others were flown in from around the world for a Fashion show which was set for 8.30 pm along with a series of late night parties.

When these shows typically start Betti has to go early and join a team of 17 make-up under the guidance of Linda Cantello.

For those who are curious here is a glimpes of the backstage atmosphere at the end of the show:

Gianni Berengo Gardin : Il Lavoro dell’Uomo

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Last Friday I had the pleasure of coordinating and launching a live stream of an interview with one of Italy’s top notch photographers: Gianni Berengo Gardin. This is a project that we are working on in conjunction with a new portal site called Mooz ( which revolves around photographer and art in Italy and abroad. I would like to invite you to check out the youtube video of the Hangout on Air below (it’s in Italian but what better way to practice…no?)

For a short panorama of Gianni Berengo Gardin’s photographic story check out this video:


La Bossa was highlighted on Food and Booze

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A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting the lovely town of Camogli along with our dear friend Mia Voss ( who was here on her #MiaOnTheGo tour. Have to say that the Easter weekend down in Liguria was super special and we were proud to host our friend in the beautiful setting that is Camogli.
We also took advantage of the situation and did a Food and Booze show from my brother in-laws restaurant in Camogli called La Bossa (

Check out the video on YouTube:

Mia Voss in Italy!

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Mia Voss

This morning I was at the airport at 7am to pick up a dear friend Mia Voss from Denver, Colorado who is visiting Italy on here 50th Birthday celebration.She is a Entrepreneur, YouTube Host & Video Content Strategist. Mia will be celebrating her Birthday this Sunday along with Elisabetta Chiesi and Karin Valbrun who will be offering a full makeup and hair styling session as a Birthday present!
We will also be taking audience questions regarding makeup and hair since Betti and Karine are both professionally Makeup and Hair experts.

Check out the live event here: Live from Milan! The Mia Connect Power Chat – Weekend Edition

Apart from this Mia has a full itinerary which is covered in this great storyboard on her website: The Mia Connect: Mia on the go!

“Una vita – A life” a great storytelling podcast to follow

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We are super pleased to announce that our dear friend and radio personality Matteo Caccia is currently involved in a new program on Rai Radio 2 called “Una vita” which for the first time ever is available as an English version on the Itunes Store. This is a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) program which will last 6 months and revolves around the diverse phases of a life of a person by way of story telling at its best:

A trip to the age of each of us .
From zero to one hundred years.
Every human being is different from another, but the stages of life are similar for all.
The birth, the first memories, the school, the first kiss, the exams, the decisions to be taken, ends, the first changes, the work does not arrive and then finally, yes, the love that matures, the losses, the work ends, life as it is.

By way of Storytelling and mixed with documentary material that tells the story of twenty-five different people who are going through life in twenty-five different ages of their lives.
A journey of six months which revolves around who we were, what we are and perhaps what we will become.
Starting from zero and going to the end.
Different ages, different people, one life.


Una vita (a life) is a program created by Matteo Caccia, Tiziano Bonini, Mauro Pescio, Chiara Biffi. Conducted by Matteo Caccia on Radio Rai 2, directed by Guido Bertolotti and curated by Renzo Ceresa
Transmitted live in Italian Saturday and Sunday from 7pm till 7.30pm on Radio2 Rai.

The English version of the program in podcast here: