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I Am Love is a 2009 film directed by Luca Guadagnino, based on his screenplay.
The film focuses on the adventures of the wealthy Recchi family of Lombard.
Among bourgeois rituals and social conventions, the stories of the various family members, dealing with the affairs of the family and the roles that their position imposes highlights the movie. Icy Emma will find comfort and love in the arms of the young Antonio. The passion that erupts between two souls that are totally different, as are Emma and Antonio, break ties and conventions entrenched, bringing the two in touch with their true nature.
The heroine Emma ‘is interpreted by a wonderful Tilda Swinton who befriended the young director a few years ago and decided to participate in this film and co-produce the production. This film is definitely worth seeing, Swinton’s performance is unsurmountable and footage of the city of Milan brings out a totally diverse city centered around the jewel that is the Villa Necchi Campiglio located in the center.
This beautiful villa built between 1932 and 1935 by Milanese architect Piero Portaluppi was purchased by the FAI(Fondo Ambiente Italiano) from the Necchi Campiglio family and after careful restoration has survived completely intact, both in its huge garden – complete with tennis and swimming pool along with the sumptuous perspective layout of its elegant rooms. The whole reveals the high standard of living of the owners, members of the upper Lombardy industrial class. Two major donations enrich the visit: the collection of works of art of the early twentieth century by Claudia Gian Ferrari and the collection of paintings and decorative arts of the eighteenth century, Alighiero de Micheli.

Every detail of the furnishings is minutely studied by the same architect, the sophisticated choice of materials, the arrangement of spaces and their relationship, services, areas for staff … everything is refined and just perfect.
In this hasty and grey city there are small gems to be discovered!
Do not underestimate the “pranzetto”: the lovely cafe in the garden offers a great service at a reasonable price… strangely.

Villa Necchi Campiglio
via Mozart, 14 – 20122 Milan, Italy
t +39 02 76340121 – f +39 02 76395526
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Web Site: www.fondoambiente.it

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