The word Muagetti in the Ligurian dialect means “the small walls”. The Ligurian agriculture in fact spreads over small terraces carved in the steep slopes of low mountains which plunge in the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea. These terraces provided the horizontality needed to cultivate in a blessed land for its climate but quite complicated from a geological point of view; men over the centuries have built them supporting their edges with small stone walls, to avoid the inevitable slippage of the earth toward the sea. An exhausting work that, along with the sea life, in a sense, has shaped the character of this grumpy people, sworn enemies of any unjustified waste.

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Before going on with the reading please take a look to the pictures shot by Tosca Radigonda, an American photographer friend of ours, who lived in Italy several years and that keeps this country in her heart, to the point that when she comes to visit us, drives me insane with her constant shooting: every single corner hides some sort of mysterious attraction that she absolutely needs to catch and a quick walk turns most of the time in a half day
trip. Her passion though has a wonderful side effect: a wide choice of beautiful pictures that we can post to illustrate the interesting sites we are writing about. I don’t know how many bloggers can count on such a luck!!!!!

Anyway going back to our “muagetti”, if you have the chance to come to Camogli or Portofino take a little trip to San Rocco, a tiny village on top of the hill between these to places, park your car and take the path toward Punta Chiappa. A few meters down the lane you’ll find a small bar, and when I say small I really mean the word. Carved in the rock by the inhabitants during the World War II to protect themselves against the bombing, after having served as a shelter was turned into a bar in 1967.

Since then I suppose thousands of people enjoyed the breathtaking view at sun set when the rocks in which the seats are built release the warmth absorbed during the day and the church bells announce the evening vespers while far away silents boats draw their wakes in the blue sea.

Simple and tasty food and drinks are the perfect crowning glory of such a unique pleasure a few hundred meters above the sea level, softly caressed by the evening breeze. And you’ll find yourself thinking why on earth humankind can be so mad to picture a war in such a paradise!


Photos(slide show from second to eight):©Tosca Radigonda

Bar Dai Mugetti
Via Mortola 2, Camogli – GE (Town of San Rocco)
Tel: +0039 346 512 6655

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  1. Anonymous
    November 11, 2017

    Wow bellissimo, vogli venire a vederlo!

  2. casachiesi
    January 14, 2018

    E molto bello! Highly recommended!

  3. Mia Voss
    June 8, 2021

    I can’t wait to return to this slice of Heaven on Earth! Camogli is such a delight and, of course, you and Betti are the ultimate experts in this area.!

  4. casachiesi
    November 15, 2021

    Yes it is! 2022?

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