Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate: I’ve been always suspicious about people that didn’t appreciate chocolate.
They seem to me some sort of aliens masqueraded into a human appearance. Chocolate has such a strong impact on our brain to be considered a mild version of a common drug (but with very positive side effects on our health).
My dietician (yes, I have one) claims that chocolate and cheese work exactly like all the condemned psychoactive substances: they go straight to the brain over passing the neurological customs area that is supposed to intercept what ever is not very good for us.
If this was not enough, chocolate aroma has 600 components which make it very complex and lights up a women’s craving that as we all know have a dangerous, ancestral weakness for everything that is intricate.
As a matter of fact the more you eat it the more, you want it and this can carry you to a quantity escalation that can often stop only with a drastic cut-down.
I guess we all went through this experience.
The good news though is, as I said before, that dark chocolate can be good for you if consumed in the right daily quantity (10 gr) and the right quality (only dark chocolate 70% cocoa at least, which makes all the milk chocolate lovers hopeless sinners).
Since Casa Chiesi loves you a lot and we take care of your health we give you our home made chocolate mousse recipe which is made with dark chocolate, has no added sugar and it’s very tasty.

We overlook the fact that there is a good amount of whipped cream in it but we are not obliged to emphasize it when we proudly serve it to our friends.

Here we have the ingredients if you want to learn how to make it take a look at the video we made for you.

Ingredients (for 4 o 5 people)
175 gr dark chocolate ( at least 70% cocoa)
250 gr fresh cream
1 and a ½ sheet of fish gelatin
125 gr fresh milk
1 vanilla pod

some fresh colorful berry for decoration

If you have a deep baroque tendency keep it in a bowl covered with saran wrap to avoid that the surface gets hard and shape it with a sac à poche (cream pump) before serving in single cups: in any case take it out from the fridge 10 minutes before serving to have the perfect consistency and enjoy it with your chocoholic friends!


Update: Also check out the Lemon variation over here at this link


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