Here we are with an easy and tasty recipe for you Easter lunch. In the catholic countries, there are a few items that pop up for the occasion which are: olive tree branches, chocolate eggs (with a surprise inside), roasted lamb and of course Colomba which is a spring version of the famous panettone with sugar and almonds on top shaped as a flying pigeon.

Today we want to offer you a salted version of the Easter Colomba which had overtaken the severe judgment of Nonna Pucci (she woke up this morning still talking about it!!!!). You must know that my mother has an extremely refined palate and every time the three of us sisters have her as a guest we wait for her kind but unindulgent response and this time it was a definite “thumbs up”.

The recipe I publish today was my sister Simo proposal and it is based on a very old enriched bread from the south of Italy typically baked in this holiday.
If you find impossible to buy a paper mold in the shape of a bird unchain your fantasy and use anything you like.

Have a nice Easter!!!

Easter salted Colomba (Dove Salted version)

3 eggs
salt to taste
100 gr grated Parmesan cheese
300 gr flower
50 gr extra virgin olive oil
300 gr milk
15 gr yeast
100 gr cooked ham in small diced cubes (or pastrami)
100 gr salami
100 gr provola cheese

for the topping:
sesame seeds (or grated almonds)
grated parmesan cheese
whole almonds

paper mold (see picture below or you can also use these molds available on Cake Paper Molds

In a large bowl break up the three whole eggs, add the parmesan cheese, salt and half of the flour, possibly shifted to avoid lumps. Mix well and proceed slowly adding olive oil, milk, yeast and the remaining flour.
For last, when the dough is soft and smooth in a cream like texture, add the diced ham, salami, and cheese. Mix again energetically and pour the dough into the paper mold; sprinkle with parmesan cheese, sesame seeds (or grated almonds), a few whole almonds and let it rise in a warm environment for half an hour covered with a cloth.
Bake in a preheated oven for 45 minutes at 180°.
Serve it still warm in slices as an appetizer.

Betti and Nazim


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