The recipe I propose today is criminal: these Dark Chocolate Salted cookies, once baked, will give off an irresistible scent.
The characteristics of these biscuits in addition to their fragrance are the friability (they do not contain eggs) and the salty note perfectly combined with the arrogance of 70% chocolate: two titans that explode in your mouth leaving you truly satisfied.
Follow the rules and you will thank me!

Let’s start with the ingredients:

Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies

150 gr dark chocolate 70% cocoa (choose it of excellent quality)
30 gr bitter cocoa
175 gr flour 00 (for cakes and cookies)
50 gr icing sugar
120 gr brown sugar
150 gr butter at room temperature (the best you can find)
3 gr Maldon salt
5 gr baking soda
1 teaspoon of liquid vanilla extract ( our next article will explain how to prepare it)

A small note on Maldon salt: this type of salt produced in England in the Essex region is used by renowned chefs for its extremely crumbly flake shape (small hollow pyramids) As everyone knows, the pinch of salt that is almost always put in desserts serves to highlight the flavour of all the ingredients, as it is a “flavour enhancer”; the flake shape of this product occupies a greater surface on our tongue, stimulating more the taste receptors present on it.

This type of salt is not found in common supermarkets but it is not at all difficult to track, nevertheless if you read the recipe you feel the irresistible push to run to your oven you can use the traditional cooking salt produced in the Italian salt pans composed of simple cubic crystals.

First, cut the chocolate into flakes and put them in a container.

Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies

In a separate bowl, work the butter with a spatula until you reach the consistency of a cream. At this point, add the brown sugar, the powdered sugar, the salt, the vanilla extract. When everything is amalgamated, add the sifted powders (bitter cocoa, flour, baking soda) and the chocolate flakes. Mix again and do it a little quicker to prevent the butter from losing consistency.

Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies
Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies
Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies
Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies

Turn the mixture on the work table, create a dome (without working it too much so as not to heat the butter with your hands) and divide it into 4 parts.
With each of them form a cylinder of about 4/5 cm in diameter compacting the ends.
Wrap each cylinder in plastic wrap and let them rest in the fridge for 2/3 hours.

Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies
Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies

From each cylinder you will get about 7/8 biscuits: if the prepared dose is more than necessary, you can keep the extra cylinders in the freezer and use them later. In this case, you will have to take them out of the freezer 20 minutes before, cut them and bake them at the moment).

After the rolls have rested in the fridge, leave them at room temperature for half an hour; in the meantime, turn on the oven at 180°.
With a large, sharp, and thin knife cut discs of 0.5 / 0.8 cm and arrange them spaced apart on a large baking sheet covered with baking paper (for the most equipped I recommend a micro-perforated baking sheet covered with a micro-perforated silicone mat).
If, when cutting the cookies, they break down at some point, compact them with your fingers: the lack of eggs makes the dough very crumbly but the fats contained will hold them together.

Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies

Now you can put your pan in the preheated oven and cook the biscuits for 10/12 minutes.
Since the dough is brown it is difficult to judge the cooking level from the color but don’t get distracted: stay in the kitchen and don’t look at Instagram. One minute is enough to burn your happiness !!!!!

Let the cookies cool in peace because they will only reach their right consistency when cool down.
You can also keep them for a long time but in a hermetically closed container and away from heat sources.

Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies
Dark Chocolate Salted Cookies

And if I don’t love myself forever after this, I give up!!!!
Enjoy, love



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