We are building an Italian Online Store! The Casa Chiesi way!

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Casa Chiesi Italian Store

A lot of times we get questions on our blog and other social media platforms regarding what we consider to be top-notch Italian products. And as you can all imagine Betti is very picky regarding any subject matter that relates to her country and origins (you should see how fussy she gets regarding the right type of pasta and how to cook it!)

Well after a lot of deliberation and consideration we decided to start researching products and services that relate and tie into our passion for Italy. So it is currently under construction (these things take time!…none of the presto, presto approach here). So while we are researching, contacting and building we would love for you to sign up to the Newsletter that is specific to the upcoming store)

Right now we have a holding splash page over at https://italianstore.casachiesi.com where you can sign up so that we will let everyone know when it’s ready.

Grazie mille and thanks for the support! Also please feel free to comment below on any suggestions that you would love to see us add into our store!


Saturday Morning at the Fish Market with Betti

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This morning was a beautiful day and when we stay in the city we usually go to the market which I love since the first day I made Italy my home. The unique experience of visiting the vendors, joking with them regarding the products they carry and then taking home some real food is priceless.
Another highlight is the fact that you can also get some great deals on delicate cashmere sweaters and fine crafted Italian footwear to mention just a few of the items available.
Here is a video peak of our visit this morning with Betti driving up a bargain with the vendors (or so we think!)

Betti and the Italian Market: