Casa Chiesi City Belly - Bologna

So during the Holidays, we did a lot of brainstorming regarding what we would love to do in 2017 as new features for Casa Chiesi.
As you all probably know we love to do and have been doing Livestreams for Casa Chiesi from diverse locations in Italy.

Well now comes a new Show concept that we are introducing with a test pilot run this Sunday: Casa Chiesi City Belly, a live stream which revolves from the center piazza (square) of our favorite Italian cities.
In this 20 minute format we will give you a 360° (hint…) view and analysis of the Italian city we are visiting from the center of each one (from here comes the reference to the Belly!) We would love for you to join us this Sunday at 9 am EST where we will be highlighting the wonderful city of Bologna and provide some feedback of the things that you would love for us to highlight.

These Livestreams are visible on our Facebook Page at this link
and we will also be featured on this website and YouTube channel

Kinda like bring the town center to your Living Room!

Betti and Nazim


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