There is nothing better than a nice Italian wedding in my book Especially if it’s my sister-in-law the one that is getting married! Last Friday we had the pleasure of staying over at her closest friends beautiful house and partaking of such a great event! For the occasion she decided to simplify the process (a typical Italian wedding is a four to five course meal that goes on for hours with people just stuffing themselves like there is no tomorrow!) and provide a nice combined full platter buffet (one for cold cuts and the other one for diverse cheese: Parmigiano, gorgonzola, smoked buffalo mozzarella along with extra stuff to long to mention!).

To close out the evening we had a huge Paella (for about 150 guests so the size of the pan was huge! 1.5-meter diameter!) and a lovely cake with a couple of singers and bands!! Check out the video!

Obviously, it was a super exciting event considering that all sisters love our new brother-in-law and my mother-in-law approved (that’s amore!)

  • Elisabetta Chiesi
  • Simona Chiesi
  • Patricia Chiesi

The Chiesi Clan: Elisabetta, Simone and Patty (the one that got married)


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