As most people around the world already know this year’s World Expo 2015 will be hosted in the city we call home: Milan, Italy. A great opportunity for us over at Casa Chiesi since we are lining up some interesting Events to show our friends abroad. This year’s theme centers around the topic of Food and Sustainability (Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life), which is a topic close to our hearts.

Their has been quite a lot of controversy regarding the construction firms involved in the construction of the Expo both from the point of view of corruption along with the issue of major delays in the delivery of the structures in question (kind of what occurred with the Brazilian World Cup and the stadiums that were hurried in a rush.) Hopefully this will all be sorted out by the opening since a lot of prestige surrounds the fact that a major city host an Expo.

The complex that will house the Expo is roughly 30 minutes away from the center of the city and covers a total of 490 acres. Close to 146 countries will be present and the opening date is from May 1st till October 31st, for a total of 6 months. We highly recommend that you book travel early since an expected 20 million visitors will be visiting the city during this time frame.

If anyone is planning to come and visit let us know since it is quite a happening and we would like to welcome you to it!

Expo 2015

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