This last week is the typical Fashion Week in Milan where the city goes crazy and you tend to run into tons of female and male models running around with maps in their hands and ordering Cappuccino’s in the afternoon (a no-no in Italy!)

During this week I usually get my ears pulled (typical expression from my wife when I don’t help here out with the house chores!) for not paying attention to small details like what washing powder goes into the dishwater (yes, there is a risk that she comes home and finds the house like that scene from The Party with Peter Sellers…sorry for the film quality but it is the only one that shows what could happen at our house!)

For those who are a bit curious here are some shots from behind the scenes of a typical Fashion Show preparation prior to the 9 minutes which is how long they typically last:

Fashion Show 2015
Fashion Show 2015
Fashion Show 2015

Having met my wife in Miami Beach back in 1992 while she was visiting for a fashion shoot I still get excited when she shows me a very brief glimpse of that magic that she is able to do with her brushes and colors. Bella!

For those interested here is what happens in the front while Betti is in the back running around and retouching the girls.




  1. Kim Bultman | a little lunch
    April 5, 2015

    This was spectacular! Thanks so much for showing “behind the scenes” as well as the show, Nazim. It takes an art to subtly shade makeup to coordinate each ensemble without competing with the designer’s dream. Bella, indeed, Betti!

  2. casachiesi
    April 17, 2015

    Thank you Kim!

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