Last night I had the pleasure and joy of watching this wonderful documentary (directed and co-written by my dear friend Carlo Sigon) on a great soccer player from Argentina called Javier Zanetti. Their was a live satellite hookup in major theatres across Italy.

The movie is not your typical sports documentary since there is a parallel story of a fictional Argentinian writer that narrates the dreams and struggles of a young kid from the Buenos Aires all the way up to his arrival in Milan and the vast years as captain of F.C Inter of which he is currently Vice-President. He retired from active soccer play last year.

The great news as I wake up this morning is that Carlo called me up to tell me that the movie was the top box office hit across the whole country for a one day showing competing with the likes of Birdman and the Sponge Bob movie.

I know the amount of effort and work that Carlo put into this movie (extensive interviews with stars such as Lionel Messi, José Mourinho, Roberto Baggio,etc) Location filming both in Argentina and Italy. Great story with fantastic footage and photography.

Congratulations my friend! You deserve it!


Additional clips:

Final game and goodbye:

Gol Highlights:


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