Here comes the fog again

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On of the mysteries of life that I encountered upon my arrival in Italy in 1992 was a phenomenon which is alien to folks that come from Florida or at least Miami, my previous hometown prior to moving to Milan.

Yes… You got it…. The dreaded fog! Bear in mind that I hate driving especially during the nighttime or when there is a typical downpour (which in Miami was a standard due to the tropical nature of the place!). But nothing prepared me towards the encounter with a dense fog that engulfs your car as you are driving on an Italian highway.

Italian Fog

This morning we decided to drive down to Genoa (where I work as a consultant) and then on to Camogli where Betti’s mom lives. It had been years since I came across the banks of fog that are typical of the Italian “pianura”.

One thing that has always surprised me is the amount of folks that drive in the fog way above the speed limit with a total trust that the fog is of a consistent nature. When I mean consistent I am referring to a distance that from which you can at least see the red headlights of the car in front of you (roughly 50 meters away). When I first encountered this meteorological wonder I would freak out since the visibility between banks of the stuff would vary from 6 meters till practically 20 inches off my windshield forcing me to stick my head out the window and follow the white stripe painted on the asphalt!

Luckily this morning the density was way better than that of around 20 years ago (blame it on global warming?) so we were able to make it down to Genoa safe and sound….but boy I hate driving in the fog!


Tripe : A Genovese tradition by way of tripperias

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After spending more than 23 years commuting between Milan and Genoa due to work I was always fascinated by the old tales of the traditional “tripperias” that existed in this magical city which is Genoa.

For those who might be a bit nervous of Tripe as food to consider bear in mind that it is a typical staple in traditional Italian cuisine although it is a bit of an acquired taste since we are basically talking about the inside of the cow’s stomach.

Obviously after so many years and with the thought that such a long, long tradition had faded with the wind it takes somebody like Betti to come over one afternoon, pick me up at the office and surprise me with a quick visit to one of the last one’s still existing barely 3 blocks away from my office: Tripperia La Casana

  • Tripperia La Casana
  • Tripperia La Casana
  • Tripperia La Casana
  • Tripperia La Casana
  • Tripperia La Casana

A place stuck in time which dates back to 200 years ago run by Francesco Pissani and Gabriela Colombo we proceeded to stock up on fresh cuts of tripe to take back to Milan and put in the fridge for the coming winter season which is when this staple gives out its best. Look for a future recipe from Betti in the coming months.


If in Genova they are located at:

Tripperia La Casana
Vico della Casana, 16123 Genova
Telephone: +0039 010 247 4357

A visit to Cenova : The Stone Town

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Taking advantage of a nice 4 day break from work (It was an official Holiday on November 1st) we decided to visit our friends in the small town of Lavina to prepare a new Casa Chiesi Learn with Us regarding a project that revolves around the spice called Saffron (coming soon!).

While we were in this wonderful location of the Ligurian Alps we came across the wonderful and quaint town of Cenova, up high in the mountains, which is famous for its beautiful stone constructions that are highlighted with decorative stone beams sculpted at the door entrance of each structure and that date back to the early 1500’s.

  • Cenova
  • Cenova
  • Cenova
  • Cenova

Located roughly 20 minutes from the town of Albenga I was quite fascinated on noticing that diverse families from Belgium, France and Germany had restored some of these buildings and established second summer homes. Crossing paths with a local resident I asked how was it during the Winter and she indicated that it was not as bad as it seemed since the town is constantly exposed to sunlight due to its position on the opposite side of the valley.

In the case that you ever venture towards this portion of the Ligurian Riviera we invite you to take a small detour and visit this wonderful jewel perched high up in the Ligurian Alps.

Cenova on Google Maps:

Here is a video that goes into detail regarding the decorative beams that are spread out through the town of Cenova:

Casa Chiesi on : Lifestyle Blogging in Italy

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Super honored and happy to be on today’s Livestream Universe with Ross Brand! We will be talking about Lifestyle Blogging from Italy.The show starts at 3pm ET over at Livestream Universe on Firetalk at the following link.

Ross Brand is a former radio on-air personality, reporter and show host who fell in love with broadcasting again after spending a few days in October 2015 watching shows on Blab. Ross immediately started the @livestreamuni Twitter account to share news and upcoming livestream broadcasts. More info at Daily livestream updates and monthly shows, including #LivestreamSports, #AskTheExpert and #LivestreamNews.

Livestream Universe with Ross Brand

Too bad that Betti is over at Eden, Utah living the make-up cowgirl life!

Betti in Utah

The tragic Italian Earthquake

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As you can all imagine we are full of sadness as we watch the images that are coming out of Central Italy which was hit with a devastating Earthquake last Sunday in the early morning that totally wiped out the small town of Amatrice along with heavy damage in additional cities close by.

We would like to thank all our friends of Casa Chiesi for the message of support and love from all over. We were on the Ligurian coast in the city of Camogli which is further north (about 4 hours away) from the area affected.

Betti and Nazim

Casa Chiesi : Summer Holidays

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As most of you know (or maybe not), Italians are quite serious when it comes to taking a vacation during the summer. What tends to occur is that you get between 2/3 weeks of a break from work which is another reason why I love this country. This year we have been traveling and researching new topics for Casa Chiesi so we expect to be back in September refreshed and ready to go.

In the meantime here is a quick hello from way up in the mountains above Clusone, Italy.

Urban Farming in Milan : OrtoComune Niguarda

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On July 6th, we did a 30 minute Facebook Live streaming from the Urban Gardens in Niguarda called OrtoComune Niguarda. The folks there gave us a full tour of the facilities. At the end of the Live interview, we picked vegetables with them which come straight from a sustainability approach that is unique for Milan (no pesticides at all!).
Click on the image below to check out the video:

Niguarda Urban Gardens

The Marathon of the good ideas: Livestreaming Italia Facebook Live

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Milan Garden

Come on join us for the second Live streaming Italia Marathon on July 6th at 12pm Eastern Standard Time on our Casa Chiesi Facebook Page here. For this one the theme is based on Positivity and Good Ideas. We will be doing our live segment from the Urban Vegetable Gardens that the Municipality of Milan has provided the citizens of the city.

More information here at the Facebook Page of Livestreaming Italia in Italian.

Casa Chiesi interview by Bren Hass of Creative Living and Growing

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Bren Hass web site

Last month we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Bren Hass of the Creative Living and Growing Bren Hass – Casa Chiesi interview which she cures with love and affection.

Her beautiful site concentrates on Gardening and Food which as most of you know is a love deep in the heart of Betti and myself! We invite you to check her out over at

Here is the video interview on her YouTube channel:

Time for the Casa Chiesi Favourite Italian City Poll!

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A lot of times we get into discussions with our friends from abroad as to which is their favorite Italian city that they enjoyed the most when they came over to visit Italy. Obviously, the consensus tends to fall around the destinations that are offered in the typical travel brochures or the locations that famous Italian movies have drummed up as standards.

We are a bit curious at what your favorites might so we are launching a small poll to get a better idea. Please also feel free to add any additional comments (or indicate alternative destinations that you might have visited) on why you considered these destinations the best (or the worst).

[poll id=”2″]